Mission, Vision and Values

These very much flow from Samuels Story and our desire to make an appreciable difference to children and young people with serious or terminal illness, whether being treated in Hospital or at Home.

We are instinctively collaborative, determined and caring. We are concerned to change the world for young people in such circumstances and we are keen to work with anyone who wants to make that difference happen – for individuals and for the future!

Our Mission
  • We aim to express and act on 9 year old Samuel’s heartfelt desire to make being in hospital so much better for other children than it was for him; it was literally his dying wish. We want to positively transform the experience of every child having to face the challenge and distress of long-term care in hospital, including end of life care.
  • We also recognise the needs of children in such circumstances who are being treated and cared for at home, before, after and between bouts of treatment.
  • We want to support seriously or terminally ill children (and their parents and families) both at home and in underfunded hospitals and children’s wards by challenging accepted practice, improving the ward/home and their personal environment, and providing recreational as well as pain relieving equipment, alongside access to Wi-Fi, games consoles and sensory equipment.
  • We want to help children feel loved and cared for, reassured and supported for who they are as individuals. We want their care and treatment to be less scary, more caring and we want the children to feel loved and special at a really difficult time. We want to do that for as many children we can and especially where we can make the most difference. We want to add value and to be a catalyst to positive change across the UK.
Our Vision

Is to change and transform the experience of children everywhere, who are in the sort of situation Samuel was in, being treated for a long term or life-limiting or life-ending illness.

We want our country to provide the best care in the world for such children and young people and we want to challenge poor practice and champion best practice – and roll up our sleeves to help deliver that.

And we want what happens here to be a beacon and an example to other countries and other hospitals and communities all over the world.

Our Values
  • Affirming and Positive
  • Person-Centred
  • Child and family-centred
  • Listening and Learning
  • Determined and Persistent
  • Celebrating difference and diversity
  • Committed to quality and excellence
  • Collaborative and seeking partnership-based solutions
  • Outcome-focused