In Hospital

This is where we began in 2013. Samuel knew how hard it is to get through each day, having to deal with so much pain, fear and constant procedures, medication and side effects. Samuel wanted to give the kids on his ward something to look forward to, some freedom from the suffering and pain.
Ward and playroo redecoration and improvement

Playroom and Ward re-decoration and improvement

Bringing fun, hope and relief to the lives of children in hospital

We support underfunded children's wards in the UK, making the lives of the children less painful and scary, helping alleviate mental health issues and improving the chances of the treatment outcomes.

We help by providing:

  • Essential pain reducing equipment usually unavailable
  • Entertainment equipment - TVs, games Consoles and Game Carts, Tablets, Wifi, Netflix subscriptions per ward, games, puzzles and toys
  • Sensory, Craft and educational equipment, games and supplies
  • Transform food choices and service
  • Re-decorate and improve wards environment and equipment

Every ward is different

No two wards are the same, so we always tailor what we do to the specific needs of the ward. Some need portable Game Carts, a high quality stand with wheels that means a games console and TV can be moved to any room or space on the ward. This  enables children who would not normally be able to go to the playrooms access to enjoy what most kids love - computer games!

Some wards need their playrooms re-decorated and the toys and games replaced.

Some wards need painting, others sofa beds so parents can sleep and be able to look after their child. Parents live on the ward with their children so this is a crucial, if often overlooked issue. No one wants a cranky parent!


Game Cart - portable games console and TV 

How you can help

If you want to get involved with our At Home Service then there are a number of ways to do this.

  1. Donate - a one off or a recurring donation. This directly funds our Care Co-Ordinators and the equipment and support the child and family gets
  2. Become a Partner. Many businesses have services or skills that would help the At Home Service.
  3. Networking - Businesses are a key part of tour community and networking helps us buold connections in the community and helps the individual company too.
  4. Join our Events to fundraise. The Get Involved page, - has the details of all our upcoming events from Annual Dinners, walks in the countryside, Runs, Marathons, Ironmans, Tough Mudders and more! You can set up your own if none of these work for you.